you've tried all the "right" things.

...but there's a big gap between your current results and where you know you COULD be.

You’ve tried all.the.things…
You’re a collector of knowledge, strategy, and every possible advantage you can give the logic-loving, left-side of your brain.

Secret-revealing webinars? Check ✔️
$27 impulse purchases of templates, tools, and hacks? Check ✔️
Throwing all the spaghetti at the marketing wall? Check ✔️
Blueprints, “guaranteed results” programs, and courses that seemed to work for everyone and their mother? Check ✔️

You’re no stranger to learning alllll about how to run a successful business.

You listened. You invested. You learned. You chanted positive affirmations to yourself (even though it felt ridiculous).

You know you have the skills, talent, and knowledge required to make your business a success...

sound familiar?

You’re still stuck, clearly dealing with some blocks (perfectionism, imposter syndrome, procrastination, etc.), and wondering when you'll finally see the success you know you could have.


Here’s the thing, I’ve been there, and so have a bajillion business owners who definitely SHOULD be successful but whose brains consistently hold them back from the very actions that would build their dreams.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that, for your business to succeed, being good at what you do is secondary to having a key set of mental shifts in place.

What shifts? The ones that enable you to:
✔️ Take focused but imperfect action
✔️ Trust yourself to make the right decisions (and know you can handle it if you make a “mistake”), and
✔️ Confidently lead the strategy AND vision of your company

Thankfully, your brain isn't a problem... IF you learn how to make the most of YOUR unique wiring.

You want MORE. You KNOW you’re capable of more. But you haven’t found the missing piece on HOW to get it.

Your head can either be your business’s biggest asset OR its biggest liability…

I know how to turn yours into an asset!

Being confident. In your self, your skills, your decision-making, and your ability to DO.THIS.THING. (overthinking, second-guessing, and being swayed by the opinions of others, not required!)

Being present. Getting real about where you’re starting, with zero judgment, shoulds, or guilt (so you can take the *right* next action).

Being courageous. Taking action, even in times of uncertainty, so you can build MOMENTUM towards your biggest goals.

Being resourceful. Knowing where to go to get what you need, for the business AND for yourself (so you can keep running the business!).

Being focused. On what to do, what you want, where your business is going… all of that. Focus points you in the right direction.

What kind of mental skills are we talking about here?

Because when you shift you drop the old way of thinking, the mental defaults you’re programmed with right now, you begin thinking and acting like a strong, focused entrepreneur who takes action and builds a sustainable, successful business.

Prep Work teaches you *think* like the successful entrepreneur you’ve always known you were meant to be!

*YOU* ARE THE BLUEPRINT TO YOUR SUCCESS. (you already know this… now it’s time to make it a reality!)

your brain is trainable

You will learn practical ways to not only change the way you think, but change the way you act…

Prep Work shows you exactly how to mentally become the kind of CEO who trusts themselves to make clear-headed, smart decisions about what to do next (without paying attention to shoulds, negative self-talk, or gross strategies that feel terrible).

Making decisions based on what everyone else wants (your mom, partner, mentors, clients, kids, BFF…)

Hiding underneath the covers for 2 days straight after a let-down: bombed sales call, down sales months, and botched launches

Planning… and scheming… and strategizing… and learning in an attempt to get clarity on what to do next

Dabbling in every guru’s promises to spill 6-figure “secrets” or the latest and greatest “strategy” that might get you there faster (goodbye shiny object syndrome)

Scattered, unproductive project, actions, and goals that keep you busy but ineffective

instead of:

Prep Work teaches you how to make the 5 essential shifts to effective self-leadership (<- aka how to succeed at life and business!)


what you'll learn

I’ve packaged up the exact exercises, journal prompts, tools, and resources I’ve used to help hundreds of entrepreneurs IMPLEMENT the strategies to rewire their brains and build a successful business.

These are the shifts I had to make, so I could FIRE the old me (the course-collector, over-strategizer, and chronic-overthinker) and HIRE the new me (gut-truster, imperfect-action-taker, momentum-builder) to be the CEO of my business.

And they’re the same shifts that have helped my clients do their own CEO-level things… like paying themselves what they deserve, IMPLEMENTING all those big ideas and brilliant strategies, and ENJOYING their businesses.

If you’re ready to fire the old you, and hire a kickass CEO named [insert your name here]…

Aside from my past massive info-hoarding habit, I used to jump from strategy to strategy, constantly looking for the fastest way to get where I wanted to go. I was convinced that someone "out there" had the answers that would make my business a success.

I did alllll the things like…

· Constantly switching up and second-guessing my offers and marketing strategy...  selling whatever I thought people might buy, marketing based on whatever was the newest "fool proof" strategy, spending lots of time bemoaning, “WHY IS NOTHING WORKING?!” 😖

I get it. and i want to save you time and energy.

I've been frustrated and meant for more.

· Spending a lot of time (and money) on things that weren’t right for where I was in my business: Things like redoing my website, AGAIN… listening to podcasts about Mensa-level-complex sales funnels…trying to find the “best” tools and strategies. 

· Trying all of those “foolproof” strategies and having some success but feeling like utter crap in the process 💩 leaving me concerned that my business wasn't going to give me the freedom to do what I want (which was kinda the whole point to begin with!)

If this sounds familiar, you’re probably wondering when all your hard work will finally pay off and why it seems so much harder for you than others.

It feels a lot like jamming down the gas pedal, when your truck is hopelessly stuck in the mud. (There’s a lot of effort being exerted, shit flying around, but zero traction.)

I wasted so much time, money, and energy trying
to learn what to DO as an entrepreneur, instead of learning how to THINK like an entrepreneur. 

Over the last few years, I’ve supported hundreds of entrepreneurs, at every stage of business and revenue. 

My clients have quadrupled their income, become confident salespeople, stopped trying to sell things they didn’t even care about, and gotten a lot of other amazing results in their businesses (their personal lives ALSO radically improve... because self-leadership makes EVERYTHING better!). 

But I also realized that 1:1, high-level, long-term support from a coach like me isn’t feasible for all entrepreneurs… that’s where Prep Work comes in.

My goal is to help you trust yourself to do whatever you need to get the results you’ve always known you were capable of.

Prep Work teaches you the same shifts I help my 1:1 clients create, but at a whopping 90% discount from my 6-month coaching package.


Prep Work: Biz Edition is THE online mentorship and training program that helps you systematically remove your mental blocks, excuses, and resistance (AKA your BS), so you can develop the self-leadership skills found in every successful (and happy!) CEO.

This is HOW you finally get out of your own way and go after what you really want in your business (and life)… even if nothing else has worked.

we can change that, starting now.

let's face it:


“…Things started really changing for me. My business from 2018 to 2019 almost tripled in revenue!”

I know we’re about to start another live round of Prep Work. I’m so excited for it! It’s different every time. The material doesn’t change necessarily, but the things that I take away from it because I’m evolving as a person each time I take the course is really special, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

the reviews

Here’s how you’ll SHIFT your brain into Successful Entrepreneur Mode inside Prep Work…

After you make these shifts, your brain will SERVE YOU.
(Instead of being controlled by your lizard brain, just doing whatever it tells you to do, whether it helps you or hurts you.) 

Your brain is an imperfect tool, but it’s YOUR BEST tool.
You just need to learn how to use it, to work with it, to maximize its potential — without all of the gremlins in your head sidetracking the growth that’s possible RIGHT NOW.

Through Prep Work, you’ll make the 5 mental shifts required to trust yourself and think like an entrepreneur:

How it Works

After you’ve made the Inspiration Shift, you will:
✔️ Create a vision, priorities, and goals that reflect what you really want… goals that all support one another
✔️ BELIEVE (not JUST logically know) that you can have what you want
✔️ Know how to inspire YOURSELF when you’re feeling unmotivated

Tools for this shift include:
💡 6 video lessons on what creates motivation, setting goals towards what you REALLY want, and how to not rely on willpower to get things done
💡 2 workbooks packed with journaling prompts and exercises to clarify your goals, ask for what you want, and stop tolerating crap you can change
💡 The guide to Smarter Goal Setting, so you know what to do, when, and why something landed on your to-do list (and this goes waaay beyond “SMART” goals)


The Inspiration Shift

After you’ve made the Seeking Shift, you will:
✔️ Easily determine what your life + biz need, so you never fall prey to shiny object syndrome or procrasti-learning again
✔️ Learn THE key question to find solutions for whatever problem you’re facing
✔️ Separate YOURSELF and your self-worth from your business and what you do (your business is one PIECE of who you are!)
✔️ Understand the balance between short-term needs and long-term growth and know when to focus on which one

Tools for this shift include:
💡 5 video lessons on what you need NEXT from your business, separating what you DO from who you ARE, and knowing where to go for answers
💡 2 actionable workbooks with journal prompts, exercises, and tools to uncover how LIFE is impacting your BIZ
💡 Ways to find fulfillment for your life outside of your business (so your well-being isn’t dependent on your business)

The Seeking Shift


After you’ve made the Engagement Shift, you will:
✔️ Have fun while creating your results (instead of waiting for something good to happen before you can feel good)
✔️ Ditch the need to know steps A to Z before you’re willing to get started…imperfect action for the win!
✔️ Take the actions that build your confidence and momentum (even if they’re not the ones you “should” be taking)
✔️ Understand your personal cycles of growth and lean into them, so you spend less time fighting how you naturally operate

Tools for this shift include:
💡 4 video lessons to help you figure out if it’s actually a lack of clarity stopping you or an excuse and know how to build momentum
💡 The Wheel of Business Balance workbook that will show you what area of your business needs attention right now
💡 2 additional workbooks with exercises to find your path of least resistance and take the very next step
💡 Crafting a personal mission statement to serve as your way-finding tool

The Engagement Shift

BE courageous

After you’ve made the Honesty Shift, you will:
✔️ Assess how you use your time, where your money is coming from, and what changes you want to make to your time vs. money equation
✔️ Break down any problem to its smallest, actionable step (so you actually know what to DO next!)
✔️ Let go of your story and feelings about your current results and acknowledge how far you’ve come
✔️ Work WITH your “disadvantages,” struggles, and past instead of letting them hold you back

Tools for this shift include:
💡 4 video lessons designed to ditch the excuses and GET STARTED wherever you are right now
💡 Time and money inventories, so you’re sure you’re spending both in smart ways
💡 2 additional workbooks on letting go of your personal expectations, “shoulds,” and judgments so you can create an actionable plan for yourself

The Honesty Shift

BE present

After you’ve made the Validation Shift, you will:
✔️ Make decisions based on what’s right for YOU and your business (instead of putting so much weight on all the opinions of your mom, mentors, clients, partner, etc.)
✔️ Know how to bring out the BEST parts of you, on-demand
✔️ Get off the emotional rollercoaster that follows your sales numbers (happy when they’re up, discouraged when they’re down)
✔️ Evaluate and strategize your results like a CEO, so you can make clear-headed, smart decisions about what to tweak next

Tools for this shift include:
💡 5 video lessons to learn to give yourself your OWN kudos, step up as the CEO of your business, and become a confident entrepreneur
💡 3 workbooks to channel your inner leader, including a noise-filtering experiment so you can hear YOURSELF clearly
💡 A guide to measuring the effectiveness of your actions and make adjustments

The Validation Shift



easy payment plan!


pay in full & save!

The total value of Prep Work is well over $9,000! 🤯

Resource and tool lists for my favorite meditations, books, apps, and everything else that supports a strong mindset… (Valued at $300)

Live stream trainings, impromptu coaching calls, and other bonus chances to get more clarity and confidence around specific scenarios (things like your money mindset, people pleasing, perfectionism, relationship and family weirdness, work-life “balance,” etc.)… (Valued at $1,800)

Access to the members-only Facebook community where you can go to get support, get your questions answered, and learn from other members… (Valued at $1,800)

Workbooks, journal prompts, and quick reference pages to take your learning out of the virtual world and into real life (where you’ll actually SEE the results!)… (Valued at $600)

Short, actionable exercises to help you notice what’s going on in your head right now and make new choices that support your BIG GOALS… (Valued at $1,200)

Live group coaching calls to go through each module together and get hot-seat, interactive coaching from Jessica… (Valued at $2,400)

Instant access to 25+ in-depth video lessons to help you understand and implement the 5 mental shifts you need to make to trust yourself and to start thinking like an entrepreneur…(Valued at $1,200)

Join Prep Work Today and Get:

what's included

A strong mindset is THE most valuable asset you can give your business (it enables you to work through every.single obstacle, challenge, and hurdle entrepreneurship may throw at you!). And Prep Work is the only program I know of that specifically (and solely) addresses what it takes (mentally and emotionally) to be an entrepreneur.

That being said, if you get inside and it doesn’t line up with your expectations, you have 14 days after purchasing to request a refund (no questions asked) by emailing us at

No Questions Asked 14-Day Money Back Guarantee


“It’s been the single best thing that I have done for my brain… maybe ever!”

the reviews


frequently asked

If your definition of “work” means, “will I make a bajillion dollars?” then my answer is, “You could, but you may not.” Business involves a lot of strategy and a bit of luck which I can’t control for you. But you won’t execute on that strategy or be in the position to recognize luck when it knocks on your door without some mental Prep Work.

So, if your definition of “work” is more like, “will I learn to ask myself better questions, confidently take direction of my own life, and stay accountable to myself to implement the things I want to do with my life?” then yes, the lessons, exercises, and mentorship you need to do that is all included inside Prep Work.

I’ve seen over and over how a strong mindset is THE most valuable asset you can give your business. Prep Work is the only program I know of that specifically (and solely) addresses what it takes (mentally and emotionally) to be an entrepreneur.

That being said, if you get inside and find it doesn’t line up with your expectations, you have 14 days after purchasing to request a refund (no questions asked) by emailing us at

Let me share my own fence-sitting experience. Several years ago, I asked my husband if I could join a high-level mastermind (in part, because I was using our combined money for this huge investment). He said, “If you think this will help you, then do it.” But then I kept pushing and specifically asking if he thought I should make such a huge commitment. And finally he said, “I’m not taking responsibility for this decision. You can’t blame me if it doesn’t go well, and you need to give yourself some credit if it does.” <– smart guy 😉 Which means I can’t (and won’t) make this decision for you either.

Here’s my personal barometer for making investments now: am I buying this because I’m scared of what happens if I don’t do this (don’t buy) or am I buying this because I believe it’ll help me accomplish my goals faster/easier/in the way I want to (definitely buy, even if it scares me)?

Still confused? Students who buy through FOMO don’t get results, so I have no interest in “convincing” you, only in helping you grow into who you already know you want to be. Email me and we’ll talk it out:

You get immediate access to the course content, and you’ll get an email with instructions for joining us in the private Prep Work Facebook community.

When you join during this round, you get live group coaching with me and the community.

And you should know this: I can’t NOT teach. That means when I see themes or patterns in my clients’ mindsets, I address it in the community, so everyone gets to learn! (Even if I have to fold laundry while live-streaming, I’ll do it. Just ask your fellow Prep Work students.)

Prep Work also includes a members-only Facebook community where I answer your questions. (And there’s a good chance some of the amazing people in the group will also have suggestions and support for you.) I’ve also been known to pop into my community to do half-hour livestream trainings, impromptu drop-in coaching calls, and even the opportunity to talk to ME 1:1.

Group coaching calls are optional, but HIGHLY recommended. As you work through the shifts, you will have questions, and resistance and blocks will come up. It’s a given. The calls are your chance to talk through anything holding you back.

And I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible the Prep Work community is…some of the BEST humans on the interwebs!

When you show up to the calls, you can just listen in if that works best for you. But show up, if you can. The group calls have the huge benefit of helping you recognize that you’re not alone, broken, or weird. (Well, maybe weird, but we embrace that.) Prep Work students constantly tell me how much they learn from listening to the experiences of others, and hearing me coach someone else can help you immensely.

- celia cain

“I’m taking much, much better care of myself now, and better care of my family, and better care of my business since I started Prep Work.”

the reviews

And… if you’re an internet troll, stay under your bridge. <<< The Prep Work community is for imperfect, action-taking, KIND bosses. (But also, we eat trolls.)

You aren’t willing to get uncomfortable, to look at your own shit, and to take action to make changes. <<< You have to do the work. I can’t do it for you.

You’re super attached to a story about all the bad things that have happened to you, how you were done wrong, and who’s to blame. AKA playing the victim. <<< You can’t get where you want to go, while you’re dragging all of that shit with you.

You aren’t even close to launching a business or side hustle because you have no clue what you could offer people. <<< Get clear on all of that, then come back.


And also… you’re not an asshole, and you want to be part of a supportive community of other non-assholes

You’re willing to dive deep and get really honest, but also don’t want to sit in your shit… you’re willing to take action based on what you learn

You’re ready to get out of your own way, even if it feels uncomfortable or confronting AF at times because you know it will be worth it

You’re sick of your own BS… tired of (mental or financial) plateaus and feeling stuck while watching others succeed

You already have a business (brand new or well-established, doesn’t matter), and you know what you’re doing (mostly)


How do I know if Prep Work is right for me?

still not sure?

Access to the members-only Facebook community where you can go to get support, get your questions answered, and learn from other members…

Live group coaching calls with Jessica and your Prep Work community, with intensive support and accountability to actually go through the Prep Work material AND get all your questions answered...

Instant access to in-depth video lessons + short, actionable exercises to help you understand and implement the 5 mental shifts you need to make to start thinking like an entrepreneur…

When you join Prep Work today, here’s what you get:

- Dana Batho, Peacock & Fig

I joined Prep Work two years ago, and it’s been one of the best training courses and coaching I’ve ever gotten (and I’ve done a looooot of courses and training). Jessica is able to get right to the heart of the issues you’re dealing with (whether personal or professional), and her program allows you to start to discover the underlying causes of why you don’t think you have enough money/time/success/all the things.

She is a no-fluff teacher which I appreciate, she values your time and wants you to get the most clarity as directly as possible. Every time I go through Prep Work I get more insights, and more clarity on why I make the decisions I do, and how to make better decisions if I want to go a different direction. Even now, I still purchase courses and training, but I’m much more specific about why I’m purchasing them so I’m not wasting my time or money.

If you’re a high achiever like me but feel like you’ve been smashing against a wall unable to get the results you want (or not being happy with the results you do get), Prep Work will help. I highly recommend Jessica and the course, it’s awesome for teasing apart your automatic thinking habits that lead to all the results in your life.

“It’s been one of the best training courses and coaching I’ve ever gotten!”

the reviews


easy payment plan!


pay in full & save!

"I’m ready to shift my mental sh!t and learn how to build momentum in my business RIGHT NOW!”


Ready to feel better AND get what you’ve always wanted?
I’d love to support YOU!

(I asked my community to describe what our work helped them with in 7 words…)

This 👇 Could Also Happen to YOU!


Some people are born with heads that are just better suited to entrepreneurship. I wasn’t one of them, and maybe you’re not either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build the business you want, RIGHT NOW. I want to show you how to use the head you DID get (it can’t be replaced, but it CAN be remolded to suit YOUR goals, dreams, and aspirations).

The strategies you’ve been studying, the genius plans you’d like to implement, the blueprints you wish you could follow were made by someone who didn’t know YOU, what YOU need, how YOU work best. Prep Work is how you CHOOSE and KNOW what is the right way for YOU to build your business and achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

Let’s get your mental crap out of the way, so you can go after what you want, how you want, and enjoy the process. 

Also, you don’t have to do this alone!

I know entrepreneurship can feel like a one-person show. (And a lot of the time it is.) But it doesn’t have to be. 

The Prep Work community is full of bosses who are willing to work on THEMSELVES to make this biz-thing a success. We get it. And we’re here to help you. No matter where you are with your business and your mindset, you’re not alone. We’re your people. 

See you inside.

A note for you (yes, YOU who scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page)

Yes, I'm ready! Sign me up!

You can get instant access to all of the Prep Work content today with our payment plan: it's just six easy monthly payments of $197!

This sounds amazing but I just don't have the $$$ right now. 

Your results from Prep Work: Business Edition may vary from others. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, time and willingness to study and participate in lessons and exercises, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and numerous other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or growth, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. This program takes time, effort and dedication. We believe Prep Work provides the tools to achieve your desired results.