oh, and it sells.

Sales are not optional if they want a successful business… but many entrepreneurs have this BIG obstacle in their way:

Their heads 🧠 say,
“You can either push sales on people so you can make money, 
you can sleep well at night with your integrity intact.”

They would never want to push, manipulate, or coerce someone into buying from them… so they choose integrity and hope 🤞 the sales part works itself out. 

They sleep well… except when they wake up at night worried about the status of their bank account.

Turns out hope is not a strategy. *whomp whomp*

But there IS a strategy I’ve taught nearly all my private clients. A system for selling that is sensitive to your buyers and mindful of the limited time you have to do all.the.things. in your business.

Every business owner knows that sales are a direct indication of how healthy their business is.

sales are not optional.

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My 1-on-1 clients have made tens of thousands of dollars off of the mindset shifts, scripts, and strategies that are included in the Sensitive Sales System, and now you can get it too…

It looks like this.


"Based on the strategies Jessica talked about, I now have a checklist of daily and weekly sales activities – she helped me shift sales from a big scary thing into simple and easy actions I can take on a consistent basis."

This is DEFINITELY going to have an impact on the number of clients and sales I have in my business!


the reviews

This is where you own your skills and trust that YOU know best what your ideal clients need (that’s why they’re coming to you!).

Know who you help and how you help them… *and* be able to confidently (and quickly!) convey your value to potential clients in a way that makes them excited to work with you!


Own Your Expertise

Shift selling from a cringe-worthy, one-sided conversation that’s all about ME! ME! ME! to an empowering relationship with people you’re excited to serve!

How can you sell in a way that brings out your best self? What does it look like for you to lead a prospect to a yes (or no!) answer?


Designing Your Authentic Sales Process

Pitch your services to people who already know they want what you have — no convincing, justifying, or pushing required. You’ll start aiming higher, working with easier clients, and stop chasing people who aren’t ready (and happy!) to pay you… *phew!*

Set up communication, filters, and questions that eliminate lookie-loos, bargain hunters, and people who want you to solve all their problems.

No Objections to Overcome

Lesson THREE

 - Kathryn Meisner,
Career and Salary Negotiation Coach

I loved Jessica’s deep insights and practical strategies. The templates alone make Sensitive Sales worth it!


the reviews

You know you’re great at what you do… now it’s just time for more people to know that!

You already have leads/clients… you know what you do, your business is real and making (at least some) money

You WANT to make more sales… you want your business to be as successful as you knew it could be when you started it!

You’re a service-based entrepreneur… anyone who sells something they do directly to the people wanting it: photographers, coaches, consultants, designers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, on and on


is sensitive sales right for me?

You Can Begin Transforming Your Sales Results in 10 Minutes a Day!

You are hoping I will sell for you… non-action-takers, whiners, and finger-crossers need not apply. This will help you have less resistance to selling and know quickly and easily what to do. It will not pick up the phone or type the emails for you.

You are a dabbler, wantrepreneur, or have never sold a thing in your life… no shame or judgment, but this system helps you increase your lifetime customer value, build a referral engine, and maximize the potential of your business.

You are a product- or info-based business… this is designed for people who have direct interaction with their clients and want to build mutually beneficial relationships with them.

You are committed to the idea that sales is gross… I’m not here to convince you that sales can be a positive experience for sellers AND buyers!



I used to go into sales calls mentally chanting, “Please say yes! Please say yes!” — crossing fingers and armed with a laundry list of benefits and evidence in case I got any glimmer that they may not be convinced yet.

Even when my “close rate” got better, I was dealing with people who wanted different payment options, paid late, or would straight up ghost me halfway through our work!

I was in constant fear that if I didn’t keep showing them the value of our work together, they’d back out, and then I’d have to repeat the whole cycle over again!

I didn’t realize that the WAY I was talking to my audience and leads was setting me up to field lots of calls and inquiries from people who were “shopping around” or “thinking about it.”

Here's why I’m dying to get the Sensitive Sales System into every service-based entrepreneurs’ hands…

without feeling like the only way to have the income (and life!) of my choosing is to be pushy, pestering, or manipulative

without a roster of clients that are demanding, questioning of my expertise, unable to pay, or not ready and willing to hold up their end of our relationship

without feeling like *you* are the one being interviewed, jumping through hoops to look and sound “impressive”

without piles of sales calls from unqualified, not-ideal buyers

without “overcoming objections”

I want to teach you what I learned the hard way… that you can create sales:

My 1:1 roster is full… of people who I never had a sales call with.


fast forward to today.

I have a grand total of maybe 3 actual sales call per quarter… two of which are people who are ready to sign a contract when they BOOK the call. I get emails and messages from prospective clients telling me, “Ok, it’s time! Where do I sign up?” Or emails from referrals that say, “Four different people have told me I need to work with you. How do we make that happen?” It’s been at least two years since a one-on-one client wasn’t able to pay, and my clients respect and value our work.

I want YOU to experience sales as a simple and empowering process for yourself AND your buyers (and yes, make bank đź’°)!

ready to shift your mindset around sales AND see those results in your bottom line?

- Elaine Lambert,
Ready Set Go Website Designer

I loved the worksheets. I took my time with them and they led me to some significant shifts in the way I’m approaching sales.


the reviews

A strong mindset is THE most valuable asset you can give your business (it enables you to work through every.single obstacle, challenge, and hurdle entrepreneurship may throw at you!). And Sensitive Sales System addresses what it takes (mentally, emotionally, and yes, practically) to successfully make sales as a service-provider.

That being said, if you get inside and it doesn’t line up with your expectations, you have 14 days after purchasing to request a refund (no questions asked) by emailing us at support@jessicaeley.com.

No Questions Asked 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Upping your sales game doesn’t require a ton of TIME, just some clear, focused actions you can take that will actually make your sales grow. This ever-growing list will ensure that you can maximize 10 minute pockets of time (instead of succumbing to the dreaded newsfeed scroll). My clients that established a small daily sales activity habit ALWAYS saw huge returns on their efforts (often 4-10x!), and now you can too!

50+ Ten Minute Daily Sales Activities ($197 value)


What to Do If You Have a Sales Problem ($47 value)


What to Do If You Have a Leads Problem ($47 value)



Did someone say bonuses?!


frequently asked

If your definition of “work” means, “will I make a bajillion dollars?” then my answer is, “You could, but you may not.” Business involves a lot of strategy and a bit of luck which I can’t control for you. But the Sensitive Sales System is here to help you get over the mental BS that stops you from selling and minimize any practical resistance you have.
So, if your definition of “work” is more like, “will I learn to change how I think about sales, feel more confident in serving others, and have the words to follow up with people in a non-gross way?” then yes, the lessons, exercises, and scripts you need to do that is all included inside the Sensitive Sales System.

I think a strong mindset is one of the most valuable assets you can give your business. Sensitive Sales System is focused first on helping you shift your head to a place where selling is a-ok — something that is invaluable forever.

That being said, if you get inside and find it doesn’t line up with your expectations, you have 14 days after purchasing to request a refund (no questions asked) by emailing us at support@jessicaeley.com.

I am *not* a sales coach, and that’s one of the biggest reasons I think this program works. Let me explain.

As a mindset coach, I’ve worked with people who have read sales books, taken sales courses, hired sales coaches, had copywriters write their emails, websites, and sales pages, and every other trick they could think of to boost their sales… only to NOT make sales because their HEAD stopped them. They WANT to make sales. They know they NEED to make sales. They may even know the “right” things to do. But if their head isn’t on board, it’s not happening!

Once my clients make a few mental shifts, they do things like have their first (and then consistent!) five-figure months, increase their repeat-client rate by 50%, double their weekly bookings, and close $15k in ONE DAY (<– all ACTUAL results my clients have had!).

Sales is FIRST a mental game, and I’m here to help you win it (without phony confidence, big egos, or greasy hair). The scripts, tools, and templates are icing on the cake. 

Everything — the lessons, scripts, templates, tools, and bonuses — are available immediately after you buy. You’ll set up an account with MemberVault where the content is hosted and be on your way. If you have any trouble, you can reach out to my friendly and helpful support team at support@jessicaeley.com.

Honestly, I probably *could* charge that much! I’ve seen over and over what happens when someone lets go of their resistance to leading their prospects through the sales process. When I did it myself, my business took off, to the point that my 1:1 practice is consistently full. So now, a full 1:1 roster means that I get to enjoy helping people who don’t want to or aren’t ready to drop five-figures on mindset coaching in a more approachable way.

I’ll confess that my “ulterior motive” here is that through the Sensitive Sales System, you recognize how important investing in and improving your mental game is for your business. I want as many smart, talented, good-hearted people to be successful in their businesses as possible, and this is how I help do that.

(I asked my community to describe what our work helped them with in 7 words…)

This 👇 Could Also Happen to YOU!



Ready to shift your mindset around sales AND see those results in your bottom line?

Your results from the Sensitive Sales System may vary from others, and the results shared here are not typical. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, time and willingness to study and participate in lessons and exercises, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and numerous other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or growth, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. This program takes time, effort, and dedication. We believe the Sensitive Sales System provides the tools to achieve your desired results.