I get it. That’s what I wanted too. And now, that’s exactly the kind of business I have,

Do you wish there was no need for jumping through hoops, convincing people to work with you?

That you could just show people how good you are at what you do and have them ask, “how do I pay you?!”

and I want it for you too.

This method can be applied to any high-end, high-touch, service-based business run by entrepreneurs who know they’re great at what they do and just want to focus on providing excellent quality work to people who are excited to pay them (without nonstop content creation, social media presence, or shouting in the void)!

If you’re in a competitive, service-based market and would rather spend your time doing what you love than figuring out how to sell it in an ease-filled way: this could completely transform your business.

It could make you the go-to person in your industry with a booked out calendar full of ideal clients who didn’t require a dog-and-pony show to happily pay you exactly what you deserve.

Easily sell to people who are EXCITED to pay you!

Without jumping through all the hoops, “overcoming objections,” discounting or backpedaling on my pricing and boundaries, or any of the other common-and-tiring pains of growing a service-based business.

I tried the constant posting thing. I tried the building an audience thing. I tried the freebie to newsletter to cheap offer to big offer thing.

I didn't make money until I scrapped ALL of that and did it in a way that demonstrated my expertise and skills. (And then I started making GOOD money!)


Keep reading and you’ll see how your visibility, sales, and follow up process can be set up contrary to the most common advice out there…

Because this is exactly how I built my business.

how do i know?

Turns out what I did could be replicated! SIMPLE saves you from being a content machine (I have 1 year+ between my Instagram posts and haven’t written a blog in years), spending tons of time on discovery/consultation/sales calls (most people just message me asking how we can get started), and chronic work-for-free-er…

It spares you from needing to become a used-car salesman who hounds people with a long, pushy follow up process, and instead sets up your business to 

show your leads why you are the no-brainer solution to their problems.

This is not only a very different way of building a business.

It’s also a unique way of building trust with your most ideal prospects that makes your leads raise their hands and say, “YES! I want what you’re selling!” (without any sleazy, pushy selling tactics on your end or endless "giving value"!).

Simply put, it’s

And, without question, it’s



I had some clarity around who I was working with and what that looked like, but I wasn't getting enough of the right people in the door. I decided to focus on my intro offer and communicate about that offer in a way that spoke more directly to what people are struggling with. I was able to start selling my intro offer in conversations right away, and that's either weeding people out or qualifying the right people for my bigger offer.


SIMPLE gave me permission to stop focusing on the wrong things.

"The biggest mindset shift that directly impacted my confidence in business was realizing that service-provider-me and CEO-me don't have to operate at the same level 100% of the time. It was freeing and empowering to come to this realization. The teachings and mindset shifts from Jess were like light-filled aha moments."


The magic of working with Jess is listening to her teach live and adapt to questions presented during the calls.

How It Works

Recorded material (audio/video trainings), worksheets, accountability (if you want it!) and questionnaires


Group coaching calls (twice a month via Zoom)

One Part community

Access to Jessica via Voxer and individual calls for customized strategy AND deep mindset support

One part coaching

Everything revolves around the SIMPLE framework, a 6 part, repeatable process for selling high-end services to ideal clients by focusing on relationships, referrals, and sustainability. This program is high-touch, long-term (6 months) support provided in three parts:

You'll support your prospects in making the right decision for themselves. They'll show up for your work mentally and emotionally invested, not just financially, and get much better results for it.


E is for

Leadership not only keeps you in the driver's seat of your business but also shows your prospects that you know what you're doing and are willing to use those smarts for their benefit. In SIMPLE, you'll step into the leadership role that builds trust AND gets people off the fence.


l is for

Following up with people is part art and part science. SIMPLE is big on selling via personal relationships and human connection in a way that builds trust and leads everyone to a clear answer.


P is for

Every person, every relationship, every interaction is an opportunity; it's up to you to maximize the impact of your efforts. With SIMPLE, you'll make the most of your time by SEEING opportunities, rather than waiting for them to cross your path.


M is for

It's no secret. You have to sell in order to have a business. But SIMPLE makes sales about inviting someone to work with you to create the solutions and reach the goals they have for themselves. No sleeze or convincing here!


I is for

Your 3rd grade teacher was on to something when she told you it was more impactful to SHOW an action than tell about it. SIMPLE teaches you how to SHOW your work off, so people experience it, rather than try to understand it off a sales page.

Show, Don't Tell

S is for

S.I.M.PL.E. stands for:

Be known for what you're GOOD at by people who are ready to PAY you

How does this sound?

Never again overthink new offers, posts, follow ups, or anything else!



After simple you could...

Reach new people and opportunities by being a (strategic) human


Stop messing with busy work and make the RIGHT big moves for RIGHT NOW


Sell your offers easily in a way that builds trust and confidence with your leads



"Any time spent with Jess is invaluable. She asks prescient questions and gets you to think about things in a different way."

Jill I.

communications consultant

real students

"The biggest mindset shift that directly impacted my confidence in business was realizing that service-provider-me and CEO-me don't have to operate at the same level 100% of the time."

Shaina L.

design specialist

real students

"It's a huge relief to see an alternative way to do business than the general business gospel from social media gurus. And even better, it feels like my way."

Jennifer W.


real students

SIMPLE is exactly that: six simple ways of having clarity on where you are in your business.


Offer creation and "value ladders": how to get new clients and sell your highest and best packages...

...and how it's different for the kind of business YOU want to run from the usual online business advice

How to monetize your marketing so that you're PAID to get new clients

How to build relationships, trust, and confidence with your leads so that they're happy to work with (and pay!) you

Follow up strategies with acquaintances, referral partners, and past clients to build a referral engine that brings you leads on autopilot

The mindset skills and shifts that enable you to fail fast, take imperfect action, ditch overthinking, and build momentum

What we'll build together:


"SIMPLE does what it says on the tin: makes things simpler."

I learned what I don't need to be doing at my stage of business, how to make some of the "grinding" with marketing and offers easier and more profitable, and how to get the confidence to run my business my way instead of mimicking others and ending up running a business I don't want or in a way I don't want.

Arline L.


"Working with Jess is always an eye-opening, mind-blowing experience."

I love how she takes concepts that seem overwhelming and breaks it down into simple steps. I was able to really identify what I actually wanted to work on in my business (instead of the shoulds) and focus on taking continuous action instead of just spinning my wheels.

Nailah B.


I feel confident that I can learn and adjust as I go and am working with my first customer on that service later this week. The group was also so supportive and I made some amazing connections.

"SIMPLE gave me the confidence to launch and promote a new service without overthinking every detail."

Shaina S.


Yes, It Really Works

I'm a mindset coach and mentor to high-achievers.

I show entrepreneurs how to build their businesses on THEIR terms so that they can enjoy the day-to-day work of building their BIG dreams.

My ninja skill is helping people build momentum in their businesses without burning out or subscribing blindly to conventional wisdom (#rebelAF).

Hey! I'm Jessica.

I’ve supported six- and seven-figure service-based entrepreneurs in dozens of industries…

...everything from chiropractors and acupuncturists, to wedding photographers and branding experts, copywriters, coaches, and corporate consultants.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurs finding the way that works for THEM to reach the levels of success they’ve always known were possible; minimizing resistance and squashing any excuses that stand in the way of their dreams.

SIMPLE is the combination of years of coaching and mentorship work with people who are *excellent* at what they do... but less-than-excellent-or-excited about selling it.

we'll fix that!

What I do

SIMPLE is the key to a streamlined business that is set up to bring you clients on autopilot!

We’ll start off by assessing your business right now.

Within the first two weeks you’ll know which of three phases (Validate, Promote, or Sustain) your business is currently on, what your goals are for this phase, and how to implement the SIMPLE framework to help you reach those goals.

You’ll have specific actions to focus on (based on your phase), and accountability to make sure nothing gets in your way. As you implement, SIMPLE lessons and templates provide strategic answers and Prep Work lessons support the mindset piece of your success. 

Around the mid-point, you’ll have another structured 1:1 call with Jessica.

We'll make sure you’re making progress and are on the right track.

You can, of course, always bring questions or ask for feedback from the group; high-level strategy and brainstorming is available in biweekly calls; and mindset niggles can be zapped away with a Vox to Jess.

You have four additional 1:1 calls you can schedule whenever you’d like (and for whatever support you need – strategy or mindset).

Take what you need in order to take action; have no FOMO over everything else.

SIMPLE is also supposed to be a *simple* program to use. 


Voxer access to Jessica for in-the-moment support 

Four additional 1:1 calls with Jessica for you to schedule as needed

Two formal 1:1 calls with Jessica (in your first two weeks and between months 3-4)

Twice monthly group coaching calls with Jessica

The entire Prep Work mindset program and its lessons and worksheets

A private podcast feed with exclusive SIMPLE content

Lessons, templates, worksheets, workflows, etc. to implement the SIMPLE framework

Here’s the rundown of what’s included during our 6 months together:

If You Want:

the kind of business where people come to you, ready to buy, without you needing to "overcome objections" or convince them to sign up…

to know how to create offers that show your expertise and build KLT, instead of getting looky-loos and tire-kickers…

to serve others with your talent and skill (instead of trying out a bajillion new tactics that feel like a waste of time and never attract the right clients anyways)

Then let's build your SIMPLE Business together!


months of SIMPLE program training


2x/month group coaching calls


1:1 coaching calls with Jessica


Voxer access to Jessica

Book a call with Jessica to talk through the program and whether SIMPLE is right for you.

Have questions?