As a mindset coach, I help entrepreneurs clearly define what it is they want, believe in the inevitability of those goals, and allow themselves to receive all that good stuff. I've helped entrepreneurs earn 4-5x their previous revenue, break through multi-six-figure income plateaus, become confident (but sleaze-free) sales people, achieve work life balance, redefine their entire business model to one they actually enjoy, and much more.

I'm also a mom of 4, die-hard foodie, big-time football fan, and compulsive scouter of my next big travel adventure.

I help go-getters and high-achievers (like you) reach their big goals without feeling shitty in the process.


You’re smart. You’ve accomplished a lot, and you know you’re good at what you do.

here's what i know about you:

You’ve got big dreams. Aspirations. Bucket list items that swirl through your head at night and get you antsy to wake up in the morning so you can make them happen.

You don’t settle… ever (even though sometimes, for just a few minutes, you wish you were the settling type because the idea of pushing towards more forever and ever seems so… exhausting. But the idea of settling seems so… boring, so onward!).

On paper, it looks like your life is going pretty well (it kinda is!).

Finally not ruminating on your business to-dos when you’re with your family

Hiring (and leading) a team that supports you in ^ that

Doing ONLY work that’s in your zone of genius

Getting rid of the work that, while paying well/sounding impressive, is driving you crazy


Despite all your work, your learning, your intelligence, efficiency, productivity, despite all the results you have created, you know things could DEFINITELY be better. And for some reason, you haven’t been able to make it happen this time.

but I also know this:

Having a healthy relationship with your money

Taking care of yourself… without justifying, qualifying, or explaining it

Giving back to the causes, people, and missions that are so important to you

Loving and having fun with your partner (without feeling like they’re a liability to your aspirations)

Ready to start making some shifts?

I’m here to make that transition from good to great a little less terrifying (and probably faster too!).

There are some things you need to know about me…

I care about YOU… the WHOLE you.

Yes, of course I want your business to be successful. I want you to reach the income, impact, and personal goals that float through your dreams at night. But my priority is making sure you do so in a way that works with who you are as your very highest and best self (and, actually, when YOU prioritize yourself in that way, I promise the business stuff will take off in ways you’ve never imagined AND you’ll feel amazing about it).

I’m a mindset coach for high-achievers because I used to proudly don the Type-A, crush-all-the-goals-in-record-speed, be-as-strategic-and-efficient-and-productive-as-humanly-possible hats.

I understand the rub between loving your ability to create results in your life but recognizing that other important things (fulfillment? relationships? fun? a decent sex life? your physical and mental health? on and on) are starting to suffer because of it.

I also understand now that there’s a much better way to still be high-achieving… in a way that doesn’t deplete, ignore, or downplay the essentials of a happy life. I can help you do the same. I go deep, I move fast, and I get to the root of what’s been driving your decision-making (people have said some nice things about me here) so that you can keep what’s working and make new choices that support where you’re going.

You can’t white-knuckle-grip what you have now while you stretch yourself for something better.

Here’s what I know about making your best life happen…

I'm here to help you earn the money you want, achieve success of your own definition, and live the life of your dreams.

If that sounds like a big promise, that's because it is, but I know that between my skills and your effort, we can work together to help you create whatever you want from your life and business.

There’s nothing you can tell me that would make me think you can’t have what you want in your life.

No-fluff, BS-free
transformation with someone who gets you.

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During our call, she pushed me – in a good way – to get to the root of the money problems that I was struggling with in my daily life. I was blown away by the things I realized about myself and STILL talk about it – almost a month later – on an almost daily basis with my husband.

Jessica equipped me with the tools and techniques I needed to save myself from self-sabotage.

the reviews

Good food, football, and plane tickets




Want to know some personal dirt on me? It took me 5 years to leave a corporate job that made me miserable. I have 4 kids, and learning how to birth them naturally was actually what got me started into investigating the power of using our minds to get the results we want. My gateway drug to personal development was The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.

I’ve dealt with my share of shitty feelings (addiction, depression, abuse, being broke as a joke) and at the time, I was convinced it was all SO significant (and if you’re there right now, I get you, and it’s ok that it feels big), but so many mindset shifts later, I wallow in gratitude over all the lessons those experiences taught me and how much it helps me relate to others now.


the coach

Jessica Eley

In this FREE workshop I’ll show you if you’re wired as a Be-er or a Do-er and how to use that to get.shit.done (without losing your mind)! 

You’ll see concrete examples of Do-er and Be-er behaviors so you know how you show up. Then, I show you what mindset, planning, and strategic advice works for YOU.

Half of all mindset advice is WRONG for you! 🤯

The Be/Do Workshop


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Fun like a Cosmo quiz + Insightful like a good book + Actionable like a Trello board = The perfect trifecta to shift your shit as an entrepreneur!

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