We're here to help you make that dream a reality.

Part of growth is OUTGROWING what used to work for you, and sometimes, that requires a big leap to what will be right for you next!

Intellectually, you probably know all the things to do. You know that if you keep showing up the same way, you'll get the same results. You know there's an excuse or two holding you back. But the logical, "let's think through this," left-brained path isn't working, so now it’s time for a different approach.

One that looks at the underlying stories you have about who you are, how you show up, and what you want.

You keep doing the "responsible" or "smart" things (that don't feel good anymore)

How things are is draining and you're on the verge of (or at!) burnout



Here's what that might look like:

You know exactly what you want OR it feels like there are so many possibilities that you can't possibly know what you want


You keep punting big decisions and feel the urge to "just do it!" (but can't!)



(I'm here to get ALL of you on board with your next steps!)

Just because you intellectually know what to do doesn't mean you'll do it

here's what I know:

- Michele Bryant

"After just a one hour call, the resistance I was creating for myself has been pushed aside and ideas are flowing in like crazy…"


Allowing themselves to start selling what serves them NOW vs what worked in the past

Hanging up from a call on Friday and quitting a corporate job on Monday

Ditching the need to know what will come next and rather explore, have fun, and be curious about what could be

Letting go of family of origin stories about the ugly side of success to start confidently CREATING their life

Shifting their ideal client from the people who they served at the beginning of business to the ones who are ideal now

Dropping the people pleasing and caretaking that had them prioritizing others' comfort more than their own desires

Restructuring their entire business model to line up with what they REALLY want to do

What kinds of results have people gotten from an intensive?

Think of it like a magical soap that will once and for all clear away all the sticky thoughts and beliefs around taking your next right step!

This 90 minute intensive is your opportunity to uncover the beliefs, values, and stories that have been holding you back from the life you know you REALLY want for yourself. 

- Megan Schopieray

[Jessica] helped me pinpoint how all of the different issues that were showing up in both my business and personal life were all connected to one deeper belief. 

90 minutes of sleuthing out your truth about what you want next (and why you haven't been able to leap yet)

- 2 weeks of email access to me following our call to help you sort through any subsequent ah-has or questions that come up

You have a unique relationship to success and progress. Let's figure out how YOU are wired to confidently take the leaps you want! 

Here are the logistics:

The investment: $379


“If you've been feeling like 'I should be able to do this by now' but you can't get out of your own way, book a call with Jess.”


Ready to take a leap (without hesitation)?