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A few months ago, I started going back to the chiropractor again. It had been about 4 years since I went regularly, and it was something I just wanted to get back into for my health and well being.

When You’re On a Success Plateau

When You’re On a Success Plateau



A few months ago, I started going back to the chiropractor again.

It had been about 4 years since I went regularly, and it was something I just wanted to get back into for my health and well being (i.e. there wasn’t anything “wrong” that brought me back in).

I was super curious about how my body would respond this time and what changes I’d notice. I adjusted really well initially. My body was holding alignment easier and easier. I was feeling better, straighter, stronger.

And then about a month ago, my progress stalled out. All of a sudden, things that hadn’t needed adjusting were back to where they’d been six weeks prior. I wasn’t holding my alignment. Things were sore. I was annoyed.

For the last few weeks, my chiro’s been planting small seeds about how my body’s “progress” (or seeming lack thereof) is all just feedback and to be gentle with myself and my body and to not should on myself (and basically a lot of other things that I’m constantly saying to my clients about their businesses).

And today, it kinda just clicked.   When I went back to the chiro after years of being MIA, I figured I’d notice some differences, but largely, I was just curious and wanting to take good care of myself. I didn’t know what to expect, so I didn’t expect anything.

But after a couple months, I knew my body better. I knew what “needed” to be done. I knew what was “wrong.” I knew what was “ideal.”

I’d get borderline annoyed when I could tell that my hips were slightly off (even though I’d just spent four years with them like that and never gave it a second thought).

I started going in with expectations. And my expectations created resistance to “what is” (i.e. the patterns of my body that I was now desperate to change because of my newfound awareness).


You went into your business relatively intuitively. Curious. Just taking action on what you knew would be good for you.

You, obviously, wanted to be successful, but because you didn’t KNOW what was possible for yourself, you were curious about what you’d be able to pull off.

And then, whaddaya know! you start crushing it. You start seeing results. And they feel GOOOOD (like my first month of adjustments). And so you adjust your life and business accordingly.

You start expecting your business to do XYZ. Which, in and of itself isn’t so bad, until you get borderline annoyed when you “fail” (even though, let’s get real, you’re still crushing it over last year).

You start resisting “what is.” You’re no longer curious about what you can do and are now shoulding all over yourself to recreate what you did from that place curiosity.

Here’s the deal. You had nothing to lose initially, but now! Your pride, your reputation as a legit business owner, your newly acquired car payment, your “HA! I showed you!” satisfaction… it’s all at stake.

My friend, once you get yourself back to the same STATE (not the same PLACE, obv) that you were in when you were just trying shit, content to throw spaghetti at the proverbial wall of entrepreneurship, curious and excited about WHAT COULD BE, you will uplevel with the same speed, ease, and “whoa! wasn’t expecting that, but more please!” that you had in the beginning.

And it’ll be fun… which is the whole effing point.

(This, by the way, is my superpower with entrepreneurs… you know if it’s time to go back to everything that made your business take off to begin with. Let’s talk!)  




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